Friday, November 05, 2004

Something Like That

Blarin' some Tim McGraw tonight. :D Well, today was eventful. Got up at 8 and had a really good morning. I was in a great mood and had an awesome quiet time and stuff. Then went to OS class at 10:10 and it was decent, then met Liz for lunch at 11 in Squires. We chilled for a bit and then had some time to do a little Bible study also and it was coolness. :) Then went to Stats class at 12:20 and it was okay. We started 10 minutes late and left 20 minutes early. I love McGill. :P Then went home and spent the afternoon coding on my program. Got quite a bit done and it was really good. :) Put myself in a good position to hopefully finish it up tommorow. :D Relaxed around 5:30 by making a big dinner of waffles, eggs and sausage. :H At 6:30 picked up Liz and we went and met up with all the peeps to watch the new Pixar movie, The Incredibles at 7:15. It was sweet! It was funny, but at the same time rather serious and action packed for a Pixar animated film. I was really surprised and really impressed. Good shtuff, go see it. :) After the movie we all went to hang out at Dairy Queen. Much to my surprise, my other 3 roomates just happened to be there, so I hung out with them the whole time and had a good time chatting and such. We were there for almost an hour and a half, it was ridiculous. :) Then I dropped off Liz around 11 and came back here to chill out a bit and listen to some country music before bed. Gotta get up early tommorow!

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