Friday, November 05, 2004

Knowing You song ever. :H Man, so today was craziness. Got up at 7 and had a great quiet time in Isaiah, and then had a really busy morning doing all sorts of things. Got a ton done, including laundry, finally! :) Then went off to Geo class at 11. It was boring, but I got some good programming done on my laptop there. After class, walked over to the library and continued coding and such. At 2, went over to McBride to demo my HCI project. It went really well, so that was awesome. I'm not sure what I was talking about, but the TA bought my B.S. :) I should go into marketing. So that was cool, then I went to Kroger, then came home and spent the afternoon coding. Got some things done, but not nearly as much as I wanted to. I've been doing lots of backtracking as I've realized that I screwed many things up. :-/ Blah. So, I was making myself dinner a bit after 6, when Liz happened to drop by the house randomly. That was awesome, it was so cool to see her. :) So we chatted a bit, then she decided to hang out and half my pizza with me for dinner. We had a nice time talking and hanging for awhile. :H So she left, then I got some other stuff done, then went to go get her to go to Cru at 9. Cru was awesome tonight, it was soooooo good and man I needed it! The message was great- all about how sancification in God is a process, not just a magic snap of the fingers. It was such a great reminder, cause I've been feeling overwhelmed and guilty and tired with myself lately for not living to God's standards. But it just felt so good to take that burden off tonight and rememember that this takes a lifetime to do. I just need to make sure my heart is willing to change and God will change me. :D So, that was a sweet message and worship was awesome and it was just overall grand. :) We went with the Cru crowd to Burger King and the madness that always ensues there. It was fun times. :) Got Liz home a little before 12 and now I'm back here waiting for my sheets to dry so I can go to bed! :)

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