Thursday, November 11, 2004

Straight Curve

yep. Today was coolness. Got up early, had breakfast/quiet time, then spent a couple hours doing bills and accounting and getting all caught up with that and other stuff. Then Liz was the awesomest and she came to pick me up and give me a ride to campus. :) So, I went to Geo class and it was boring, but I learned lots of Italian during it. :P Then, went and got tickets for Bela Fleck on Dec. 2 (anyone reading this outta go) and then chilled in Squires and did my Stats homework. It kinda sucked, I did about 12 problems for almost an hour, then got to the 13th problem, realized it was impossible, looked over the 1st problem and found out that I did it wrong, which threw off all subsequent problems. That really sucked. :-/ Oh well. So I went to HCI class at 2, and it was so stupid, I just walked out at 2:15 so I didn't waste anymore braincells needlessly. Got back and finished up my Stats work at home. Then got to emailing with the guy from Phoenix Integration and I got an interview for Monday afternoon!!! woooo!! I'm so excited, but also extremely nervous. This is such craziness, it like came outta nowhere. :D Got is awesome to me. :D So that was great, then I got a lot more Italian stuff done, then had dinner, then Liz came and picked me up at 6. We went to campus where I did a quick extra credit research thing for 20 minutes and Liz waited for me. Then we went to Advanced Auto and ordered a new starter for my car so hopefully I can get it fixed tommorow. :) Then we went to her house and had some dinner, before heading over to Squires at 8 to watch a piano concert thingy. This guest pianist, Nicholas Ross played a whole bunch of sweet pieces for almost 2 hours and it was really cool. He was ridiculous. :) So that was a fun time, then I got back here a bit after 10. Just been wasting time tonight. Guess I should sleep or something.

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