Friday, November 12, 2004

Two Step

howdy. Hmm, well, short blog tonight because I didn't really do much today. Got up late a bit after 8. Spent about an hour researching for an MP3 player to buy for using in Europe. Then got ready for school and left early to catch the bus. OS class was okay, but lasted forever. After class, met up with the lovely lady and we went to the Chinese Kitchen together for lunch. Ah, it was so good! :D I love that place. So, we had a real nice time, then she brought me home. Researched MP3 players for another hour and then spent about an hour or so with Chris's dad putting in a new starter on my car. He got it all in after quite an effort and now my car works again, woohoo!!! That was so cool of him to do that for me. :) Then I thought I should do work, but I felt lazy. Therefore I watched the movie State of Grace. Great stuff. :) Then had dinner, then put on Raising Arizona. Once that was done, I closed off the night by watching The Professional. That just got over, and that was my day. Grandiose. I'm out.

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