Friday, November 26, 2004

South Carolina Day 3

Okay, time to recap today's events. Today was actually a little nice in the sense that it wasn't quite as busy as yesterday. Got up at 8:30 and met Liz outside. We hung out for a bit and enjoyed the cool South Carolina morning on the deck. It was nice. :) Then had a late breakfast and lazed around for a couple hours watching T.V. until their Uncle Robert came. He was a fairly interesting fellow and then around 2 he took us outside and we spent about 3 hours shooting various guns. It was a pretty cool time since I'd never shot a gun before. I was able to hit a few of the moving targets but it was kinda hard. The immobile targets were a lot easier and much more fullfilling. :P Came in for dinner at 5 and had a big dinner with a bunch of their relatives. It was pretty nice, but got crazy and eventually I went outside to get my sanity back. Liz came out and walked with me and we had a good time. It was so beautiful out; the moon was just as bright as ever and was just really neat. :D We came back in after a bit and then just watched some T.V. and hung around with everyone else for some time. So, it's been a rather lazy day really, but it's been cool. :) Think I'll go to bed now.

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