Saturday, November 27, 2004

South Carolina Day 4

Well, not a whole lot for today. Got up at 8:30 and had a real nice quiet time out on the porch in the beautiful morning. :) Then showered and had breakfast. We all left the house a little after 11 and headed over to their Uncle Robert's house and got there about 12:30 I think. Then spent pretty much all day there just talking/listening to his stories/eating food. It was okay, but got a little boring. I was able to get some good work done on my CS project though, so that was nice. :) Me and Liz did have some fun around 3...we went off and walked down the street to some water area and stood out on a dock which was really pretty and nice to do while the rain had let up. :D Anyhoo, we got back from Robert's a little before 10 and then lazed around and watched some movie until like 11:45 and now I'm done tired, so I'm about to head to bed.

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