Thursday, November 25, 2004

South Carolina Day 2

Wow, okay, today was another crazy day! Crawled out of bed around like 9:30 this morning and was so tired from yesterday. Took me quite awhile to get moving again, haha. Around 10:30, me and the Pinckney's left for the big Thanksgiving family reunion. We were already late, so we took a scenic route around downtown Charleston and got to see some more cool buildings and stuff. Got to see the Battery in the sunlight and it was really pretty too. So, it was a really fun drive over there and then got to the big house where the reunion was. It was called Limerick and it was this huge like lodge house on a huge and beautiful piece of country in the middle of nowhere-South Carolina. It was so beautiful there. :) So, spent most of the day just milling about talking with lots of Liz's relatives, many of whom she didn't know. It was cool though. We all had a real big lunch which was yummy. Liz and Laura and I walked around their land for awhile in the afternoon and had a real fun time with that. It was beautiful out. :D Also got to see a dead alligator with its guts spilling out, which was fairly gross. But, it was made up for with a fun hay ride back to the house. :) The evening was cool too. Sat around a fire pit a little, then chilled inside and made friends with some dogs, listened to funny stories of Liz's dad. :P It was coolio. We left Limerick at like 9:30 or something and then headed back to the house. Liz's dad decided to take another route and took us over to the beach for a bit. It was absolutely gorgeous there! I've never seen a moon so clear and so bright, it was simply amazing. :) But we left kinda quick cause it was cold, but as Liz, Laura and I were walking back to the car, Liz's dad jumped out of the bushes and totally scared us all half to death. It was hilarious...after my heart attack finished. :P Then the rest of the ride back was pretty fun too. So, yeah, it was a really fun day and I'm probably forgetting some good stuff, but I'm tired and headed to bed!

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