Thursday, November 25, 2004

South Carolina Day 1

Okay blog, I'm tired. But, today was awesome so I must reminise. Got up early, packed up and then got to Liz's at 8:30am to pick her up for our long trip to South Carolina. We hit the road just after 8:30 and drove down to her Grandma, "Mema"'s house in North Carolina. The trip there was pretty fun, it rained a lot and was foggy and stuff which made it interesting. But we got there just fine, right around 10:45. We hung out with Mema and had lunch and stuff and it was very nice getting to meet her. She's so sweet. :) Left there about 12:30 and headed off for Charleston. The rest of the trip down went fairly smoothly with only a little bit of traffic. Just had a nice time getting to chill with Liz and chat and stuff. :) We got into Charleston a little before 6 and then drove down to a section called the Battery which is along the water. We chilled there for awhile and it was just really pretty. The houses there were just amazing! I couldn't believe some of the architecture I saw around; I felt like I was in a movie or something. They were so cool. :) The rest of Liz's family got held up on their trip down unfortunatley, so they wouldn't be there until really late, so Liz and I went out to eat at a restraunt called Vickery's along the water. It was a really pretty place and we just had some really good food there and had an awesome time talking. I enjoyed it so much and we were there for some time over 2 hours. It was great. :) I think we left there at 10:30 or something and then met up with her aunt and uncle and drove over to their house where we were staying. The rest of her family was there then and then we just spent awhile touring the house, chatting, milling about, etc. Finally, I get a chance to go to bed now, wooohooo!!

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