Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Selwood Farm

good morning blogger. :) I shall talk of yesterday. It was nice. Got up at 7 then got ready for school and raced off to my Geo lab at 8. Lab went quickly and nicely and then I went over to the library. Just took about 30 minutes there and just had a really good prayer time and think time for all sorts of stuff and that was great. Liz stopped by about 10 of 11 and we chatted briefly before my Geo class at 11. Class was boring, but I got some Stats work done during it. Then went over to Peeps lunch. It was okay, but I felt like I was going to fall asleep so much. I think all my tiredness came crashing in during lunch, hahah. But, whatever, then I walked Liz over to Hancock and we talked of stuff for a bit before her work at 2. I went to HCI class after that and it was pointless of course, but I got my Stats practice done during it. :) After class, came home and worked for awhile on the HCI project and got lots of stuff done. Liz came over for about 15 minutes and helped me test it. Had a brief dinner, then ran off to the Riva meeting at 7. It went decently and Liz got herself a roomate. :D And we both get to live in Pabiana together which is great. I'm excited. :) After the meeting, I went back home and tested my HCI project with Bo and Chris and got that part done, then went to Liz's at 9 for dinner with them. Then chilled out and got lots of homework done with her and of course some good chatting. :) Got back home a little after 1am and then talked with Matt about the HCI project some and got to bed about 1:30. Set my alarm back and got up at 8:30 this morning. :D


Anonymous said...

I hear lots of Bebo

Justin said...

hey, Anon, I've missed you. :)