Thursday, November 18, 2004

Where The Angels Sleep

What up blogger. Yesterday was fun. Got up at 8:30, spent some time getting ready for school, then went off to class at 10. OS was actually kinda fun and it went really quickly. McQuain was in a good mood for once! :) After class I went over to Squires to do some work. Liz dropped by and brought me food (thanks!) :P We ended up chatting about good stuff for awhile and then I ran off to Stats class for the test. The test was rather easy and McGill even flat out just gave us one of the answers to the 10 question test. It was hilarious and he got a big ovation from the students for that. =P Just checked my grade on it and I got 100. Yay! :) So that was great and I got done early, so I was able to get over to Hancock in time to wish Liz a good day at work at 1. Then I chilled there and worked on my OS project. Had massive problems with it and I'm really perturbed by it. :-/ Liz got off work at 3:30 and we got to chat a bit before going to Italian at 4. Finished watching the movie there which was cool, then we went over to West End to have dinner together. Two of the other couples from the Riva trip happened to be over there too, so we joined up with them for dinner and it was really cool getting to chat with them a bit. :) Plus, I got a calzone for the first time in like forever. :H After dinner, we raced off to Awana at 6:30. Had a good time tonight, but I paid for it. WHY does everyone in Awana insist on poking me, punching me, kicking me, jumping on me, swinging from me, etc, etc, etc?!! I guess because I enjoy playing with them, but man, my body hates me for it. :P Well, had a nice time, then limped over to Mill Mountain with the peeps. Liz and I decided to venture away from the tchai and got an "Eggnog Steamer" instead. Twas good and had a nice time there. Stayed really late until about 10:30, chatted with Liz a little more in the car, then got home around 11. I was exhausted and rolled into bed by 11:30.

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