Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Walk On Water

Man, I love this Aerosmith song. :P Okay, looking back on my day, it was exhausting. Went to Geo lab at 8 and just died there. I was so tired... Then went to the library after that and tried to have a good quiet time. Read some in Romans and Psalms and it was very nice. Then Liz dropped by near the end and we chatted a bit before my Geo lecture at 11. Went to that and it was cool cause we just watched a movie about volcanoes which was shweet and got out of there 15 minutes early. :) Then went off to peeps lunch at Owens. Had a good time there, then walked with Liz over to Pamplin and we sat there and talked a little about stuff before my HCI class. Went into class at 2 and luckily Adam had BSed a quick presentation for our project, so I went up with him and we kinda did this presentation on the fly which was quite interesting. But, hey, at least it's not a zero. So I was stoked about that. Class was exceptionally boring, we went over code the whole time. But, I did get a good nap! After class I came back here and worked on a bunch of little paperpushing tasks around my room and stuff. Then at 6 decided to start work on putting a new calendar up on the CBF site. Charles has been bugging me about it for months, so I figured I'd do that. So I started on it. Then at 7, went over to Torgersen for this CS night for general engineers who want to find out more about CS. There was like 300 people there. I got to represent the CS program with 6 other kids and we each got to go up and give a little speech about CS and just college stuff. So I did that and it was cool. I was scared as I sat there before I talked, but once I got up there all alone with 300 people looking and listening to me, it was kinda fun, I liked it. I need more of it, haha! I think I have a craving for attention... So, anyhow, I got out of there at 8. Then came back here to work on the CBF calendar som e more. I spent from 8 until now working on it and it's still not completely working. I've been pissed because I spent like 4 hours trying to get my CGI scripts to run, only to find that the problem was nothing of my own, but rather on the end of my *great* server company, After 40 minutes with customer support, I finally convinced them that I was right and they were wrong, and they helped me a little. So now, the calendar sorta works. But my brain doesn't. My head hurts SO bad right now, I can't wait to go to sleep!!

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