Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Lightning Crashes

got my new CDs today...I think Live is now the best band ever. :P Well, today was okay. Got up early and studied for most of the morning for my CS exam. Went to take it at 10:10. It went okay...maybe. I either failed it miseraly, or got like a C. :-/ Meh. Once that was done, I went to the library and worked on my Stats homework for about an hour. Got lots done, then went to Stats class at 12:20. It went okay, then I went back to the library and worked on my Stats homework for another hour and a half. Then wandered over to Squires, finished my Stats work, then Liz met me at 3. We studied Italian and stuff before class at 4. Italian class was exceptionally boring today, but oh well. :( Went home for dinner, then went out to the softball game at 7. It was our first playoff game and we won...by a lot! We actually won by the slaughter rule, which was crazy! :) So, by winning, that meant we had to play another game at 9:15. So, in between games, I went with Liz back to her place, grabbed some grub, hung out for a spell and then went back over with her to the second game. We played a really excellent team in the second game and we lost. But, we put up a good fight and scored a lot of runs, regardless. Even dealt with a power outage on the field for awhile. :P But now, the season is over. :( It was fun though and I enjoyed all the games. :) So, after the game, went back to Liz's for some dessert and then helped her with setting up her website and stuff. We got that all figured out finally a little before 1. So, now I'm so tired again, but that's okay. Time for bed. :)

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