Thursday, October 21, 2004

Boat Drinks

Holy cow, what I wouldn't give to be at a Jimmy Buffett concert right now...oy. :-/ Oh well, today was really, really good. Got up at 7 this morning and started working on the CBF calendar again by about 7:20. From then until about 9:40, I worked on it and finally have it working completely perfect! Woo! That was the biggest pain ever. :-/ Ugh. So, I threw on some clothes and ran off to class at 10:10. OS class was quite interesting, we went over ideas for our current project. I REALLY need to start on that soon... So that was nice. Then after class, Liz and I met and went to Squires to eat lunch together and talk. We had a really, really good talk and worked some stuff out. I really needed it a lot and I hope we can really improve stuff between us now. Then, we walked to my Stats class and I went to that, which was kinda pointless. McGill spent like 30 minutes doing a problem, only to realize that he had given us an incorrect formula. Then he was just like, "oh hell, this sucks, let's re-do it real quick, then get out of here, and take Friday off too cause I'm sick of Stats." So that was rather hilarious and now I'm stoked for Friday. w00t! :) So class was done, and I went over to the library to do some work and study for Geology. I got my Awana lesson done and then just passed out in the desk for a little over an hour. I was SO tired and man, that felt great. :) Problem was, I didn't get much done in the way of studying for my Geology test. :-/ Oh well. Went to Italian class at 4 and that went pretty well. After class, walked across campus with Liz and we finished off our chat and it was great. :) Then went home for like 10 minutes, then wizzed back out to Awana at 6:30. It went pretty well tonight, had lots of fun with the kids and stuff. Didn't have to do a JV boy's lesson tonight because Mrs. Austin decided to do it all together, so I kinda wasted my time earlier putting that togehter. Oh well. But it was nice. Then, went to Mill Mountain with all the peeps and had a good time with everyone. Moved Josh's car across the parking lot and he got all scared and pissed thinking it was stolen. Until he found it and he was still pissed when I left, but I don't think he knew it was me. Unless Curt told him, which is possible. Oh well, I have to die sometime I guess. :P Then I came home at 9:30 and wanted to start right away on my HCI program which is due tommorow. Nope...ended up talking with the roomies for awhile, then talking with Liz on the phone for awhile, etc, etc. Finally, at about 11, I got started. Then, at 11:15, Ken Diaz of all people calls! I was stoked, but at the same time, I was like, ga!!! Of all times to call. But, we chatted for almost 30 minutes I think and it was so good to hear from him. :) So, I finally got my project underway for good around midnight. So, from then until now (almost 4am) I've been coding like a mofo. I got a lot done, I'm probably about 60% finished. But, I'm so tired right now, and my 3 Vanilla Cokes have worn off and I'm starting to make dumb mistakes, so I think I'll break and sleep for about 3 hours... :-/

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