Tuesday, October 12, 2004

To Get It...

...off my list of things to do, here's some more McQuain quotes I'd like to archive for the future reading pleasure of our world:

"I'm not exactly sure who made that idiodic post on the forum last night. I didn't recognize the PID, but maybe right now they'll turn bright red and self-identify for me." -McQuain

"I wish I could find the person who took the demo sign-up sheets off the wall. That would be the end of that...not to mention them." -McQuain

"You see that dark glass window in the back of the room? I've been on staff here ever since McBryde was built, and I've never once seen those used. God knows what's in there; we're lucky they don't make them offices... Actually, maybe that would be nice; students could never find me." -McQuain

"Two of the three richest people in America are associated with Microsoft. There's something very wrong with that." -McQuain

"I'm off to inflict misery and suffering on the freshman. Today is their first test with me. *evil grin*" -McQuain

"I was grading projects for my freshman 1705 class. Don't worry, you all have no competition coming up the pipeline. I thought the freshman classes were supposed to be getting smarter *rolls eyes* ...oh well." -McQuain

"There was this final exam question last year... I'm going to use it again this year, so if any of you tell the upcoming students about it, I'll hunt you down and send you to VMI." -McQuain

"If I catch any of you using 'goto' in any code you write for me, it won't be pretty." -McQuain

"It's too early in the morning to smack heads." -McQuain

"My wife has made me watch both of the big debates and at this point, I'm just screaming for some rationality in my life." -McQuain

"Some moron...and feel free to tell me who you are so I can call you a moron to your face...some moron decided to try and re-assign the TA's times on the demo sheet. YOU CAN'T DO THAT! I don't know how people this stupid make it into college, much less get this far." -McQuain

"A freshman emailed me about his exam after I emailed out the scores and he got a zero. He was like, 'I didn't know we had an exam.' My response: 'don't worry, you won't be in CS long enough for it to matter anyway.'" -McQuain

"I'm not really morally opposed to doing things to make your life more miserable." -McQuain

"It's almost like there's a mutant gene in the PowerPoint presentation. Every now and then, one of these random slides comes up and you're like, 'why the devil is that there?'" -McQuain

"Belady's algorithm is probably the optimal strategy, however it suffers from one minor defect- it is impossible to implement. This reminds me a lot of politics." -McQuain

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