Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Inaudible Melodies

..a little Jack Johnson. Mkay, didn't blog last night either, so here's another make-up blog for yesterday. Yesterday was very nice. Dragged myself out of bed at 7 and made it to my Geo lab at 8. I was SO tired, I was just dying. The lab was really blah and quite hard this week, so my head hurt even more after that. Went to the library from 10-11 and had some quiet time and chilled a bit. That was good and helped me to get my mind back in line. :) Then went to Geo class at 11. After class, went to peeps lunch at Owens which was pretty cool. After lunch, me Liz over in Shanks after her meeting and we walked to Hancock together and chatted for a small bit. :) Then went to my HCI class. My group and I B.S.ed our way through our midterm presentation, but it went decently I suppose, so that was coolness. After class I went home and ate an early dinner/late lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon doing bills and just all sorts of annoying crap tasks and getting my life organized again. Got a lot done and was very productive. :) At 7, I went off to the Riva meeting on campus and that was pretty good. Left there with Liz around 8 and went back to her place. Had dinner with her family and then we did homework and such downstairs all night. I got a ton of stuff done, so that was shweet. :) We finished up around 12:45am, much to my surprise...I couldn't believe how late it was. Then we were going to have a "5 minute" convo for something fun to do. Yeah...I left her house around 1:40am, lol. It was a really great chat though, it was more than worth the tiredness that I accrued. :D Got home and got to bed around 2am. Great day! :H

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