Thursday, October 14, 2004

Pay For What You Get

ah morning! Time to look back on yesterday. Let's see, it was Wednesday. I was pooped, so I slept in until 9. Then got up and felt so rested and awake, it was awesome! Went to OS class and it went really well and I learned a bunch. Then went to the library between classes and did some quiet time and finished my Awana lesson. Then had Stats class which went really well also and I learned stuff. :) After that, ran around campus doing some errands, then drove around town paying bills and running even more errands. I got like 10 million things done, it was great! :) It was so good to get stuff off of my list finally! Headed back to campus at 3:30 and met Liz outside her job. We chilled and chatted a bit, then headed over to Italian class at 4. It went pretty well; I'm feeling a lot better about getting caught up in Italian, so that's good. :) After class, went home, scarfed down some dinner, then went to Awana at the church at 6:30. It went really well and was a good time. :) After Awana, our peeps group went out to Mill Mountain to hang out for awhile. We had a great time, it was so fun. :P Quote of the night goes to Mr. Brad Batton- "Justin, I'm so happy; I've always secretly wished that you would ask me out!" :P Liz left at 9:30 and the rest of us hung out until about 10:45, so I had to take Laura back home after that. So when I took her back, I stopped in and chatted with Liz some and we took a little night walk around and 'twas fun. :) Got back home around 12:20 and went to snoooooooooooze. :)

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