Friday, October 15, 2004


Okay, back to a normal blogging time. Today was decent. Got up at 7 and had breakfast/quiet time, then I spent the morning getting lots of shtuff done. I'm just rolling through my list of annoying things to do. :D Was being really productive, so I didn't want to go to my class, but I did anyhow, and dragged myself to Geo from 11-12. Then came back home, went out to Kroger, came back, had lunch, then worked for the first part of the afternoon on updating all my pictures on my website. That was great to get done. Then I did a couple other things and then starting making dinner for Liz and I a bit after 5. Liz came over at like 6:30 and we had some spaghetti and salad for dinner and chatted and stuff. Then we chilled at my place and she worked on her homework and we worked on her website and stuff too. It was a decent time. She left at 11:30. I have work to do for tommorow, but I'm thinking I'm going to procrastinate even longer and do it in the morning. :P

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