Sunday, October 17, 2004

Eat The Rich

coolio Aerosmith songage. :) Okay, I didn't blog last night due to extreminating circumstances, so I'll play catch-up now. Yesterday (Friday) I got up early and did my CS homework in the morning before class. I went to the career center at 9:30 and did my yearly co-op checkup, and that went well. Then went to Deets for a bit and worked on the homework some more. Then went to OS class at 10:10. It went great and I was able to pay attention again and learn stuff. :) Between classes, went to the library and got the rest of the CS homework done. Then went to Stats class at 12:20 which went very well also, yay! :) After class, came home and crashed out on my sofa for like 5 hours. Watched some T.V., then watched the movie Plains, Trains, and Automobiles which was just shtinkin funny, then watched the movies Se7en, which was really weird, really gross, but really, really shtinkin good. Definitely one of my new favorite flicks. Then I played guitar for about an hour before heading out the Rebecca's party at her house at 6:30. Went there and hung out for a little bit and it was fun. Then Tim and I were going to go hang out downtown and watch the ballgame at 9, but it was cancelled from rain, so instead we hung out at my place and played darts and stuff and then Goldeneye on the N64. I hadn't played Goldeneye in like 3 years, so that was really cool to do. Curt came over and hung out for awhile too and it was quite fun. :) Tim left at like 1, then I stayed up for awhile doing stuff and got to bed at some ridiculous hour, I dunno. Got up today just a little before noon, haha. Man, I was pooped. Then Liz called and she came over for a quick lunch and stuff. That was very nice of her, then we went shopping and stuff. Went and met her family at TJ Maxx and shopped around there for a long time. I found some nice new sweaters and some leather gloves that I'm pretty pumped for. :D Then Liz and I went to Rugged Wearhouse and shopped some more and I found another sweet sweater. :) Then we went back to her place, then left off to go on a little nature drive. We went out into the country for a couple hours and it was just beautiful out. :) It was a lot of fun and we got to see a really nice sunset (see below). :P So, it was just such a fun afternoon just hanging together and having fun. Got back to her place a little before 8, had some dinner and stuff and then chilled there and did homework and such until about midnight. Came back here, wasted a little time, and am about ready to hit the sack!

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