Tuesday, October 12, 2004


hmm...I forgot to blog last night. Guess I'll blog now about yesterday, haha. Let's see, yesterday was Monday. I got up at 7 and spent the morning doing my OS homework and doing laundry. Also had time for breakfast/quiet time and I finished up Ecclesiaties. Then went off to OS class at 10. I was SO tired, I couldn't stay awake worth anything. Kept nodding off then waking up and I think I broke something in my head by doing that, because from that point, until even right now as I type this, I've had a raging headache. :-/ After that went to the library and finished up my OS homework assignment. That was good to be done with finally, then went off to my Stats class. It went okay, was rather dull today. Then as I was leaving class, Liz was there waiting for me. I saw her right away but it didn't click and then I did like a huge double-take and was like, whoa, sweet, hey! hehe. So, instead of going home and doing laundry, I decided to hang with her for awhile. I got some lunch and we sat outside and chatted and studied Italian for a bit. Then she went to her piano lesson for a half hour, then after that we went to the Torgersen Bridge to work on some computer stuff and then sat outside Torgersen and studied Italian some more. 'twas nice. :) Then went to Italian class and took the quiz and whatnot and it was okay. After class, I went off to my softball game. The game went pretty well, we lost, but we put up a good fight. I felt pretty good, I think I had 3 or 4 hits and only botched one ball in the field, lol. :) After the game, me, Liz, and Rebecca were going to go the mall for a bit. But then, Liz's parents called and had some food for us, so we ran to there house, grabbed some burgers and ice cream, then raced over to the mall before it closed. We got to go in a couple stores and I got some new shoes and it was pretty fun. :) Mall closed at 9, then we took Rebecca home and Liz back. Got home at like 9:45 I think and then until about 1:15am I did laundry and a bunch of other annoying tasks. Got to watch a little of the DMB's final concert of the year as it was webcast last night, so that was kinda fun too. :) By 1:20am, my head hurt so bad and I was in the middle of a bunch of stuff, but I just couldn't stand the pain anymore, so I said screw it and went to bed. :-/

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