Monday, October 11, 2004


Well I didn't blog last night, so I guess I should do it now. Yesterday was coolio. Went to Sunday school and watched a cool video speech by John Piper which was very, very good. Then church went pretty well also. Afterwards, stayed for a church lunch for everyone which was nice. :) After that, went over to Liz's and chatted a bit with her aunt and uncle who were randomly visiting for a little. Once that was done, we studied Italian outside for awhile, then went to evening church at 6. That went nicely also, then we came back to her house and had dinner and did homework the rest of the evening. Got quite a bit done, then took a pretty night walk a bit after midnight. Twas fun, then I left and got back here around 12:30 or so and went to bed at 1am. Got up this morning at 7 and am trying to be uber-productive. Well I kinda have to be, since I've been slacking on laundry and no longer have any underwear to wear... :-O

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