Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sunset Grill

by Don Henley. :) Well, today was nice. Got up early and went to my 8am Geo lab. It actually wasn't as boring as usual for some reason, but still rather blah. 2 hours playing with rocks just doesn't amuse me. :-/ Then I went to the library at 10 and had a really good quiet time and read some in Ecclesiastes. Liz dropped by around 10:30 and studied with me while I read. That was very nice. :) Then went to Geo lecture at 11. This was actually kinda fun too, we spent the majority of the class watching a film from the early 80's about Mount Saint Helens which was just hilarious and also very interesting. After that, went to peeps lunch at Owens and had a nice time with everyone. :) Then Liz and I went and studied outside for a little bit and then went off to HCI class at 2. That class was so boring today. He was putting code on an overhead and then turned out the lights...I was out cold for 80% of the class. :-/ Then after that, I went over to Matt's house and we worked on our HCI project for a couple hours. Finally got some good things accomplished, so that was nice. :) Then came home, worked on my part of the project some more, made dinner, then went and picked Liz up at 7:45. We went over to the drillfield and watched the fireworks show for the Class of 06 ring premiere event. They were actually quite sweet, I was impressed! Then came back to her house and hung out doing homework and hanging out and whatnot. Left there at like 12:30, came back here and went to bed about 1:20. I'm actually blogging this morning but changed the time to look cool. :P

Deep Thoughts of the Day:
I feel a lot better today. After last night and then my quiet time this morning, I really felt humbled and broken before God in so many ways. It was really good, I need to feel that way more often. Then throughout my day, I really had fun and got a lot of joy back in my heart as well. This is very good, but still a lot of work ahead. :)

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