Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Dudley's Kitchen

interesting song by String Cheese Incident. Mkay, to recap today. Got up early, went and got my oil changed at South Main Auto at 8am. Then went to Deet's at 9am and had a really good quiet time reading Colossians and Ephesians 5. Then off to OS class at 10:10. That was so boring, then had my OS project demo at 11. It went okay, but I got 5 points off for not having a function in the right place, even though it worked 100% correct. It was really gay and I was bitter, but whatever. Then went to the library and studied Italian for awhile. Left for class and I was walking out of the library, ran into Liz and she was so nice and walked with me to class. :) Stats class was really fun, McGill was hilarious today. QOTD: "I got caught once doing 53 in a 35. I tried to get out of the ticket by explaining to the judge that I was dislexic." So that was enjoyable, then came home and had lunch and just got a ton of things done, including my FAFSA form which took almost an hour of my afternoon. Then went to Italian class at 4, which went pretty well. Got out of there at 5:15 then rushed off to be at my softball game by 6. The game went really well, we won again, for the 2nd week in a row! Our team played great. I didn't do all too hot and was feeling kinda down and out, but whatever. After the game, went over around 7:45 for dinner at Liz's. Then we did some work and I helped her try and begin to set up her website. That was decent, then we ended up going outside cause it was beautiful and then talking for too long. But I really needed to talk badly, so I guess that was okay to work some things out. I'm really hurting for sleep though. Tommorow is going to be a LONG day in so many ways. :-/

Deep Thoughts of the Day:
Definitely a rollercoaster day. Really felt great this morning after my quiet time, then seeing Liz midday was a great boost and I felt super and then some things happened this afternoon and at the game and I just really fell apart. Kinda was blah this evening at Liz's, but then got it all out in our talk. Ugh. I dunno. Lot's of issues, lots I need to pray on I guess.

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