Monday, October 04, 2004

Ants Marching

some Dave tonight. :) Well, today was great. Went to Sunday school and church this morning and they both went real well. Then Liz and I went hiking at a place called AltaMons. We left her house around 1:50 or so. The hike wasn't too long up to the top, but we took our time getting there and then at the top where there was a beautiful waterfall. It was so pretty and the whole hike was just gorgeous. It was so cool. :) We had some really good talks too and it was just so great to just spend some uninteruppted unworried time with Liz. :) We got back from the hike around like 6:30, then drove off, then remembered that we forgot to sign out, so we figured we should so they knew we left, so we drove back, then drove off again, haha. Finally we made it back to her house by about 7:45. We had dinner and stuff then studied together for the rest of the evening which was cool. Got back here about 12:10 and have wasted way too much time catching up on the events of the day. I must rest now, cause I have lots to do tommorow!

Deep Thoughts of the Day:
I really feel 100 times better than I did prior to today. I think the fluctuation that I was talking about in a previous blog is hopefully gone now. Liz and I really worked through some thoughts and I feel a whole heckuva lot better now. :) There's a lot of work to be done still though...

Cool Picture of the Day:


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Love that picture! :) Can I put it on my site? :)

Nice profile pic, by the way. Are you going into the country music industry, cowboy? :)

Glad we could talk.


Justin said...

i am.