Thursday, October 07, 2004

Hello Again

man, I'm in love with this new DMB tune. :P Okay, today was superb. Got up a bit before 9, had breakfast and got ready for school, then ran off to my 10:10 class. As I was peeling across campus, I happended to run into Liz which was really random, but nice. :D So we walked a bit, then I went to class. OS actually went really well, I was awake and actually learned some stuff which passed the time. Then went to Squires and ordered my class ring which was far too much money. But, it's going to be cool. :D Liz came by and then we walked over to Hancock and chatted for a bit before I had class. Went to my Stats class and it was okay, then I went home. Had lunch and stuff, then had a nice quiet time for about 45 minutes in Ecclesiaties again. It's a good reminder of what's important to live for in life. :) Then wasted a little time, then went back to campus for Italian class at 4. That went fairly well; I feel like I'm starting to pick it up little by litte. I need to practice and study a lot more though. :-/ After class, me and Liz walked and talked a bit, then she left and I ran into Steve C. in the parking lot and we had a nice chat for awhile. Then went off to Awana at 6:30. Had a really fun time, and taught the JV guys which went pretty well. And we played tackle football and the end and it rocked. :) After Awana, went to Matt's house and we talked over the project a lot more and split up the work. Then I came back here at 10:30 and since then have been doing my section of the HCI project which took friggin forever, but now its done and I have a raging headache from far too much Coke. :-/

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