Thursday, October 07, 2004

Grey Street

Well, today was insane. Got up around 8:30, had breakfast and did a very nice quiet time for awhile. Fooled around on the computer, then went to Geo class at 11. It was okay, we got out at 12:15. Then I went over to Kinkos and got my picture taken for my passport. Then drove over to the courthouse in Christiansburg to get my passport, only to remember as I was in the parking lot that I forgot to bring the required checks. :( So, I was like, blah, and drove back to the house intending to drive right back there. As I was there, Matt IM's me and asks me if I can print out the project and bring it to class for the group. I'm like sure, then he says its not done, but will be in 5-10 mins. 30 mins later, he randomly signs up and I'm like, huh? Then Adam IMs me and is like, "Matt just called, his power was turned off because they didn't pay their electric bill, and we're dicked." I'm like...great.... Then apparently Matt was going to drag his whole computer over to Adam's and print the project there. So I go to class pissed off and not knowing the status of the project which is 20% of our grade. Matt doesn't show, and I leave the class and call him and he picks up right as I see him walk into the building. He got most of it printed, but the last part was lost because he forgot to save it or something. So we're trying to explain this whole bizarre story to our professor who is just like, "yeah whatever". So, who knows what we'll get on that. :-/ So, after that fiasco, I drove back to Christiansburg to get my passport. I get there at 3:45 only to find that they close at 3:30 now...I could've sworn it was 4:30 the last time I was there. So, yet another wasted trip there. Ugh. Drove to Kroger for food and stuff and then in my parking lot had the kitty litter bag split and spill all over my trunk and road. I was so angered. I was just like screw this day, I quit. Went in my backyard and smoked my mind for a long time and just relaxed. That felt so good. Then all the roomies came down and hung out and we played darts and stuff and that was real nice to help me mellow out. :) Then I started making dinner around 6:15 for Liz and I. I made broccoli chicken casserole for the first time this semester. It took friggin forever...almost 2 do though, cause I had massive interupptions. :-/ Oh well, we finally ate a little after 8:30. It was very nice and good to see her. She left a little after 10. Then I did some stuff, talked with Chris for a good while and now I'm dippin. Going to try to get to bed by 11:30-this could be a record!

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