Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Pantala Naga Pampa

word. I'm exhausted. This will be fast. Got up at 7 this morning, got ready for school, went off to Geo lab at 8. Lab was actually kinda easy, got done 25 minutes early for once. :) Went to the library and started researching Europe destinations for about an hour or so. Then went to Geo lecture and spent the class on my laptop ready more about Europe. I learned a bunch and I'm really excited about seeing stuff- there's so much to see, its ridiculous! After class, went to peeps lunch in Owens with the crew. Was nice, then Liz and I walked over to Cowgill to look at some Europe pictures, but they weren't there, so that was a bummer, so we went to Hancock instead and worked on her website a little. By the time we finished it was 2:15 and my class had started at 2, so I was like, blah, I'm skipping. So I went home and tried to start on my CS program. Got a little done, but was just so tired, that I finally broke down and took about an hour nap from like 4-5. Felt great. Got up, worked a little more on my program, then made dinner and ate. Read more into 2 Timothy 1 as I ate and it was very cool. :) Around 6:30, I was getting ready to leave, Liz called and told me to check out the sunset, so I left early and took a leisurely drive around and the sunset was amazing! It was so worth it. So that was sweet, then I made it over to campus in time for the 7pm meeting for Riva. It went pretty well, we got to do some group stuff tonight and I got to finally meet all the guys going on the trip. I'm really very concerned though, because the sole purpose of all except for like 2 other guys going on the trip is to be wasted 90% of the time. I just don't dig that, so I dunno...ick. :-/ Been feeling kinda bummed and worried all evening from that. So, anyhow, after the meeting, walked and chatted with Liz a bit, then came back and spent an hour or two making a new section of the CBF website for Charles' brother who killed himself and for helping people in general deal with suicide. It turned out pretty nice for a first draft, so we'll see how that goes. Got that done around 10, then looked around my room and it was a mess. So I took the next 3 hours to clean stuff up, organize my mind, and pay bills and do accounting. I swear, I do this like every few days now. There's always something to be paid or something to be organized or dealt with or some form of mail or paper to be pushed. I can never get ahead. :-( Blah. So that all killed my entire evening and I got no schoolwork done that I needed to. But I guess I got some good things done. :) Meh, I'm looking forward to another night of less than 6 hours of sleep!

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