Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Good Pain

Another Live song for tonight's blogging. :) Ugh, I'm tired. Let's see...today. Got up at 7 and started the day off with a good breakfast and quiet time. I read in 2 Timothy and was really excited about it. It's a really sweet book that I've overlooked and I think I'm going to study it deeper the rest of the week. Then from like 8 until a bit after 9 I worked on finally sorting out all my music and mp3s that I have on my computer and ripping new CDs to it. This is going to be a big project. Then, got ready for class and ran off to OS class at 10:10. It went really nicely and I learned some shtuff. Then went over to the library and spent about an hour studying and doing some practice problems before my Stats test. Went to the test at 12:20 and I think I did really well. Hopefully I got 100 on it...there was only one question I was a little unsure on. So that was nice. :) After that, went to the library and studied and worked on Italian work for a little less than 2 hours. At 3:00 I met Liz in Squires and we studied together for the Italian quiz. Went to class at 4 and the quiz went okay. Class was exceptionally boring today. :-/ Oh well, I survived, then came home around 5:30 from class. Had some dinner and watched Seinfeld for the first time in months. :) Got some other stuff done, then went to Liz's at 9:00. She decided to experiment and see if she could learn how to cut my hair. So, for about 2 hours she worked on me and gave me a nice trim. It came out very, very nice, I'm very excited about it. :D So that was really fun, then we chatted and stuff for a bit before I headed out. Got home around 12:20. Think I should sleep now. :)

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