Saturday, October 23, 2004


:P Okay, today was excellent. I had BOTH of my classes cancelled this morning. :D :D McGill usually cancels Stats on Fridays, but McQuain NEVER cancels classes EVER. Happy birthday to me! :P So, I got to sleep in until like 10, when I got a wakeup call from Liz. Then I went and met her at Mill Mountain for lunch at 11. We chilled there and had a really good talk time and Bible study time together and spent awhile there. Left around 1:45, then came home to change and headed right back out to play some golf. I went over to Auburn Hills club in Riner and played with John and Rob. It was great. The weather was a bit chilly, but not all that bad. It was absolutely beautiful there also. :) The fall trees are just at their prime peaks right now and the colors and the clouds were just amazing. I'm so mad I didn't bring my camera! :-/ Oh well. The golf was fun. I haven't played golf since the beginning of September, it's pathetic. I was so stoked to play, and I did fairly decent. Shot a 43 on the front and 44 on the back, so 87 overall. I'll take it and run. :) John played really well, he shot a 79 which was ridiculous. Good stuff. So played from like 3-6:30, then went back to their place in Radford afterwords. Hung out with John, Rob and Jim for the night. Just chilled at their place, ate pizza, watched T.V. and played cards and watched the Boondocks Saints (best movie ever). Left there about 1:15, but now I shall rest! Good day. :)

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