Friday, October 22, 2004

Ocean Front Property Arizona. :D Yay, so today was my 22nd birthday woohoo! I feel so old. :-/ It was a lot of fun though. :) Started off rather lousy. Got up at 7 after a sold 3 hours of sleep. Surprisingly didn't feel one bit tired, it was great! So, I worked on my HCI program until about 8:30. Then crammed some studying in before my Geo exam at 11. I raced off to that and took it and it was okay I guess...probably sucked, but maybe I got lucky. :-/ Bah! So then came back home and decided that I needed to eat some real food for the first time in 48 hours, so I made some pancakes and eggs and they were fabulous. :) After brunch, I worked on my HCI program. Finally got that all finished up a little after 3. :D That was great, then I spent the next couple hours cleaning my room which was filthy and doing some more chore-stuff to get my life back in order. :) That was cool, then Steve came by and hooked me up with some birthday presents, so that was great to see him. Then Curt came and we all went out to Home Place for my birthday dinner. Me, Curt, Tim, Chris, Bo, Bo's lady, Liz, and Rebecca came out and it was awesome. I had heard stories of Home Place for 4 years now, so I was so excited to go, and it was great. There was so much food, and so much good food. I ate WAY too much and I'm paying for it now, hehe. So we ate dinner for an hour or so and had a nice time, then drove back to campus for Cru at 9. Curt and I got there a little late and plus I felt sick, so I spent like the first 30 minutes in and out of the bathroom and in recovery from Home Place. :-/ Then I felt better, so we hung out at Cru for awhile and whatnot and it was cool. Then at 11 got the peeps back together to go to Macado's for dessert. Me, Liz, Steve, Tim and Curt hung out there for a little over an hour and had a nice time. The sad part about it was that I ate even more food! :-/ ugh, hah! So, now, I'm pretty much delerious, extremely overly stuffed and just plain living on thin threads of conciousness. I think I better get to bed!

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