Thursday, September 23, 2004

You Enjoy Myself

great Phish tune for tonight. :) Well, today was decent I reckon. Got up a little late from being tired from last night, but I had enough time to start off the day with a good quiet time. :P Then went off to OS class and kinda spent the whole time daydreaming and in thought about Liz-stuff. But I guess that was good in its own way. Then went to the library and coded up more of my project, went to Stats class which was icky, then came home. Got some stuff done this afternoon and did my HCI homework/project which was a PAIN. Ugh!! Then went to Awana which was cool. Beat on some JVs once again and it was cool. :P Afterwards, went off to Mill Mountain with the peeps and had a fun chat time and enjoyed a good Vanilla Tchai once again. :D So hung there until 10, then came back here to finish my HCI homework. Just got that done. Guess I'll have to study for my Geology test in the 3 hours before my class in the morning. Somehow I need to cram the past 4 weeks of class into my morning. I should stop procrastinating. :-/ Oh well, to bed I go!

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