Wednesday, September 22, 2004


a Live song...good band. :) Well, I liked today, it was nice. Got up early and went to Geo lab at 8. It was boring and played with rocks as always. Then went to the library and coded some on my project. Then had Geo lecture and it was boring, but I brought my laptop and worked on my CS project there, so that passed the time quick. Then had Peeps lunch which was fun. After that, walked with Liz a bit and did some HW with her before she had work at 2. Then I had HCI class. Was boring at first, but ended up rather fun for a change. :) After that, came home and coded in my backyard in the sun. 'Twas fun. :D Then, went to Liz's a bit before 6 and did some more coding while she did HW. Then we went for a quick walk and saw just an amazing sunset. It was just ridiculous; definitely up there at the top of my list. :H Came back in time to scarf down some dinner, then ran quickly off to the softball game at 8:15. This kinda sucked. We started off playing great, but then quickly sucked and ended up losing by slaughter rule...again. :( I played terrible, missed some catches and didn't have any hits. :( Ehh. Well after the game, Liz and I went back to her place and did more HW and coding and such. Then closed off the night with a really good life-talk and got some things squared away which was awesome. :D Really closed off a fun day. :)

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