Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Catchin' Up

Man, I haven't blogged in ages! I need to catch up for the past 3 days of action. So, let's start with Saturday. Woke up bright and early on Saturday and then Liz and I left around 7 on our weekend road-trip back home. We first headed up to Becky and Joe's wedding in Warrenton. The ride up was real good, we stopped at McD's for breakfast and had some really good conversation the whole way. When we got around Warrenton, we realized that we were late and then we made a wrong turn and then couldn't find the road we needed and it was just all bad. We ended up 20 minutes late for the wedding and then waited outside the sanctuary for about 25 minutes and watched the proceedings through a half-inch crack in the door. It was ridiculous, haha. But, we went in at the very end, just in time to see them kiss and make it official, so that was cool. :) After that, we went over to the Stroud's house for the wedding reception. That was really fun. I saw like 10 people from high school that I hadn't seen in forever, it was so neat, kinda like a class reunion for me. :) And slightly awkward bringing Liz, since there were lots of girls who formerly had crushes on me there. Well, maybe that was good to establish my current status. :D After the reception we drove back to my house and said hi to the family and stuff which was nice. :) Then we went over to Lowes, which was closed from all the rain earlier, and walked around the course. It was SO beautiful. I just cannot explain how perfect the weather was this whole weekend. I've never seen it so clear and crisp out, and the clouds just so perfect, and a nice breeze and perfect sunsets and etc, etc. God was so cool to us, the weather was just absolutely incredible!! :D So, we walked Lowes, the drove over to Price Club and observed just an amazing sunset. :) After that nice time, we went back to my house and had dinner with the fam and then played ping-pong with my sisters, which was so much fun, and then watched The Count of Monte Cristo with everyone. It was a pretty sweet flick! That took us past midnight. So, the next morning, Liz and I were up early again. We went to the early church service at RBC. It was pretty nice and good to hear Mike Minter speak again. After that, we came back and got some stuff done and had lunch and stuff. Then went out to D.C. for a little bit. It was just so gorgeous outside, and I've never seen D.C. so perfect. I actually drove in and parked with no problems at all. It was so weird and quiet, there was like nobody around! It was awesome! So I took Liz to the art museum cause she wanted to check some stuff out. It was pretty neat and we got to see some great paintings. I forgot how big that museum was! You could easily spend a whole day in there alone. :) So that was fun and then we needed to leave to come home. I ended up taking a wrong turn in D.C. and went the opposite way I needed to, which left me 25 miles of extra driving on the Beltway. Ugh. It took forever to get back home, but we did eventually. Said goodbyes to the family and then headed over to Sean's for dinner. Got there around 7:30 and he grilled up some grub and we hung out and chatted for a bit. That was so cool of him to have us over and very nice. So, we left there and headed back to VT around 9. The drive home was awesome. I've never seen a moon so crisp and clear-cut than I did while I was driving. It was just amazing and almost surreal. Liz got some good sleep in and we also had some good talks. Lots of fun. :D We finally arrived at her house around 12:20am. We were tired, but the stars were just amazing out! We had to take a quick walk to check them out. I'm pretty sure we saw a band of the Milky Way- something I've never observed with my naked eye before. I just couldn't believe it, it was just so sweet and clear out. :H Man, so that was great, then I came back and got to bed a bit after 1am. Got up late this morning and ran off to school. OS class went pretty well, then I went to the library and had a little quiet time. Then Liz called and we got to meet outside the bookstore and have a brief chat and prayer together. It was so nice, and I really needed that too at the time. :) After that I went over to my Stats class which was largely uninteresting. Then came here, got all my stuff organized from the weekend and then started coding. I spent most of the afternoon coding up my project for OS. Then had dinner and went to my softball game at 7. The game was terrible. We played bad as usual, and I played just wretched. Struck out twice and missed a lot of potential catches. I dunno what was wrong with me, but I'm pretty sure as a team we lost by the slaughter rule...again. :-( Oh well. After that, I came back here and have been coding some more on my project for the past 3 or 4 hours. My head hurts bad now, so I think I oughta go to bed and get some rest. I'm stoked, I finally have a proper set of clean sheets that are properly folded on my bed for the first time this semester! I can't wait to sleep normally again! :-P

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