Thursday, September 23, 2004

But First...

before I sleep, I just remembered I have a TON of McQuain quotes piling up. Time to get them out, enjoy!

"Thou shalt submittest a gzipped tar file. If thou submittest anything but a gzipped tar file, thou shalt be heavily penalizethed." -McQuain

"Feel quite free to curse the people who work on Linux when you look at their code and try to figure out what the hell it's doing. Feel quite free to curse them. Not to say that Microsoft is much better..." -McQuain

"A failed test is one where the code works." -McQuain

"I'd have to talk about infinitessimals to tell you how much I care if you do that." -McQuain

"Most of you are taking other courses besides this. That's just a bad mistake on your part." -McQuain

[reading notes] "It doesn't attempt to blance...hmm, I really love these typos...what was I thinking??" -McQuain

"I hate the Skins and the Cowboys. A good weekend is when the Skins and Cowboys play to a scoreless tie with lots of injuries." -McQuain

"If you submit this project as a single source file, your project has already been fact your class grade has already been determined: you fail." -McQuain

"My favorite things these days are Spyware and Adware. All I ask is 5 minutes with a baseball bat in a room with the people who write those things...just 5 minutes. I'll bring my own bat." -McQuain

"I took 374 Spybots off of my youngest daughter's computer. I had to explain to her, 'when you go to these websites...say 'NO''." -McQuain

"If you give my 80-year-old grandmother a command line on her computer, she'll probably take an axe to the damn thing." -McQuain

"All I need on a computer is a command line- the way God intended computers to be." -McQuain


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