Friday, September 24, 2004

Seek Up

closing my day off with my favorite version of my favorite song...DMB Seek Up from 9/11/03 Hershey. :D :D :D Well, today was nice. Got up early and did some stuff, then went to campus a bit after 9. Went to the library and studied for my Geology test. Took that at 11, it seemed fairly easy. Took me only 20 minutes to do the 50 questions. :P So hopefully that turned out okay. Anyhow, I went back to the library and worked on coding up my project some more. Liz dropped by to chat and do homework around 12:30 or so. Then we walked over to her job at 1 and her co-worker Diane came out and gave me a big fat kiss. :-D It was so funny!! So that was cool, then I coded my program for the next hour and then went to HCI class at 2. It was pointless as always, so I left there and went to Kroger, then came back and chilled for a bit. Made nice pizza-pie and salad dinner and Liz came over to eat a bit after 7. We had a nice dinner and chat and then did some homework together. Then around 11, we took a quick walk around Foxridge pond which was really pretty tonight with the fog. :H 'Twas cool and had a good talk. Now I'm just wasting time online, but I better get to bed!!

Big News of the Day:
It's official, I'm going to Europe for the spring semester with Liz!!!! :-D :-D :-D :-H :-HHHHHHHHH SO STOKED!

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