Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sugar Will

a new Dave song, I like it! was interesting. Went to Geo lab early at 8 and it was extremely blah as always. Then went to the library and had a real good quiet time. Romans 5 is really cool. :) Then, Geo lecture at 11...snooze. After that, we had peeps lunch and that was fairly fun. Got to chat with Liz a bit before she went to work so that was nice too. Then I went off to HCI class at 2. It was so boring and pointless, but I survived somehow. Then I ran off to Kroger to grab some grub, then came back here and got a few things done. Then made tacos for dinner and Liz came over to grub down with me. That was awesomeness, then we went off to her Europe trip meeting at 7. I didn't learn much that I wanted to other than the fact that they have an extra spot open. :) But that was interesting, then I ran off to my softball game at 8. We lost again. :( It was kinda fun though, I made some good catches and had 3 hits I think, so it wasn't all bad, at least for me. So that ended, and then I came back here and sat and crunched numbers and schedules to see if I can do Europe. :P

Deep Thoughts of the Day:
Mkay, so if your girlfriend was going to Europe for 4 months and you were offered a spot to go to, would you do it? Hmmm... I'm really not sure what to do here. It would be so fun and awesome, but at the same time it's very expensive. But, I have the money to do it, and it would fit my schedule just fine. I guess the question is, am I willing to blow my life's savings on this or not? I just dunno. It could easily be the best decision I've ever made, or it could end up being a terrible decision. I'm not sure, this shall take some thought and prayer!

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