Thursday, September 16, 2004

Beautiful Day

double meaning here. One, I love this U2 song, two, today was a beautiful day! Got up early and got some things done, then had a good quiet time with Romans 6. Good uplifting stuff! Then went off to campus, walked around a bit, then to OS class which went pretty well. I tried really hard to pay attention and take notes and I actually learned a lot today, I was stoked! It also helps to pass the time much quicker. :) Then during my break I went to the library and started on my CS homework assignment. Didn't get much done, but did get some chapter reading done trying to catch back up on what the heck we're supposed to have learned. Then rolled out to Stats class. Also tried hard to stay awake. Worked pretty well and I comprehended some material today, woohoo! After that went to Townside and got my rent problems all figured out and my late fees dropped. :) Then I came back here and somehow managed to waste pretty much the entire afternoon. I'm still not sure how it happened, but it did. I got nothing done from like 2-4. At 4 I went over to Matt's house and met with Adam and we did the first leg of our project for HCI class that's due tommorow. We got that just about done and then left at 6. Went over to Awana at 6:30 and it was great. Got to lead a team during games for the first time and I had a blast doing it, it was so much fun! Then, I was going to work with the Pioneers and was excited about that, but Barry had it covered, so they asked me to go with the JV's again. I was kinda bummed about it at first, but then I just had the best time with those guys. I think I want to stick with JVs. A lot of the guys like me and I was trying to really be fun with them and just had an awesome time tonight, it was so cool!! So man, I was pumped from Awana and then me, Liz, Rebecca, Summer, Susie, and Jon went over to Mill Mountain and hung out and chatted. I had the best drink ever, I wish I could remember what it was called now! But it was good and that was so much fun! :) Good stuff, then I came back here around 11 and finished writing my portion of the group project for tommorow. Now I'm done and really need to get some sleep cause I gotta be up early!

Deep thoughts on the Day:
Still nervously questioning about Europe. I think I'm going to decide by Monday.

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