Friday, September 17, 2004

What a Way to Go

...sure...I dunno, it's a Clarks song. Today was nice. Got up early and went to breakfast with Liz at Deet's at 8. That was really nice and we had a good chat time. :) After that I went to the library and had a good time of thinking and prayer and a little quiet time. Then off to Geo class which was boring as usual. I think I got about a 15 minute nap so that was nice, hehe. Then I went off to the bank and ran into Curt, so we chilled and had lunch from Hokie Grill and talked for awhile. That was fun, then I ran off to HCI class. Was really pointless today so Matt and I just up and left at 2:15. Didn't feel like wasting another hour of my life in there. So I gave him a ride home, then came back here and went out in the backyard and did a bunch of reading out of my OS book, trying to figure out how the heck to create my program. I'm not looking forward to this. :( Oh well. So I did that, then got distracted by some new features for my website and I played around with that for way too long. Then Liz stopped my sillyness and we went out around 8 to go shopping for a wedding gift for Becky & Joe. We went around the mall, Target, and Wal-Mart and had a fun time checking stuff out and being stupid. :P So that was enjoyable, then came back here and finished some laundry and other useless things before bed.

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