Monday, September 13, 2004

Such A Rush

great song, I love Coldplay so much. :) Mkay, quick recap of today. Woke up early and finished the last two problems on my Stats homework. Then went off to class. OS was incredibly boring today. I couldn't stay awake...I think my Claritin made me kinda drowsy, but at least my nose and head have cleared up! Then I went and hung in the library and did some studying and quiet time in Romans. Lastly, went off to my Stats class, which went okay. After that, I went home, made lunch, then spent the afternoon coding on my computer. I got a good start to my program, so that was great. :) But then my head felt like mush. :-/ Had dinner, then ran off to the two softball games for tonight at 8. They were okay I guess. I played so-so. Made some decent catches, but I just couldn't hit a ball solid tonight. Had some hits, but just weak grounders. :-( Our team as a whole played kinda blah. We scored a few runs, but made A LOT of errors and got beat pretty bad in both games. :-( Oh well. Liz came out (thanks!) and that was fun to chat briefly and improved the night for me. :D After the games I came back here and just chilled out for a bit. Played a little guitar to mellow down before bed. Gotta gear up for a real busy day tommorow!

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