Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A Pillow of the Winds

Pink Floyd is so good to fall asleep to. :) Hmm, today was nice. Got up early for 8am Geo lab and that was blah. Then went to the library intending to do some quiet time but ended up falling asleep. Woke up 3 minutes before my 11am Geo lecture and ran off to that. Got there in time and it was blah also. Then went to Peeps lunch which was cool as always. Then went with Liz and studied a bit in Hancock before my class and her job at 2. Then to HCI class which I fell asleep in...again. :-/ After that came home and got some things done and cleaned my room a bit and got organized. Then made a breakfast dinner for Liz and I. She came over around 6:15 and we ate, then ran off to the Europe trip meeting at 7. That went well- I'm so stoked for this trip! :D Then we came back and chatted at my place for a bit. Liz left a little after 9 and then ever since then, I've been getting a million things done. Just annoying things like emailing people, scheduling things, orgainizing my desk, doing accounting, paying bills, etc. But I'm all in order now, it feels so good! I hate having all those crappy things nagging in my mind, so I love to just take a few hours and knock everything out to clear my head. :) I'm out.

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