Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Can't Stop Messin'

Aerosmith rockin the desk...yeah! Well, today was today. I feel like my blogs are getting painfully boring as each day doesn't vary too much. Oh well. Whatever, I don't read them. I guess it's just painful for whatever loonies out there do. So I shall continue. This morning I went to campus early and met with the International Studies lady to finish off my paperwork and stuff for that, so now I'm official. :D Then me with my CS advisor to make sure my schedule was in good order to study in Europe and we figured everything out. Looks like I'll be great. :) So that took me until about 9, then I went to Deet's and studied for my Stats test. Then went to OS class and was just so tired. I could not stay awake for anything. :( After class went to the library. Liz came by and we studied together for a little while, then I ran off to my Stats test. It was okay. I whooped the first 8 questions, then heavily brain-farted on the last 2. :( Just completely forgot how to do a couple things that I had learned early in the semester and forgot to study. Arrgghhh, oh well. Then came home and ate lunch and just felt so tired. I gotta get more sleep. So I napped from about 1:45 until like 4:45 or so. Man did I need that! :) Had dinner, then went off to Awana at 6:30. It was a good time as always. I'm really enjoying it a lot this year and being more involved than before. Lots of fun. :P After that, all the peeps made our traditional run to Mill Mountain and hung out for awhile and had a nice time. Got back here a bit before 11 and have kinda just wasted the better part of an hour or so. I should study. Oh well, screw it. I think I may go to bed early. Well, earlier. I'll just study all morning I guess. :)

To make my blog more entertaining:


Anonymous said...

Dude! Your blog would look a lot better if that were you, not Wayne! That guy's ugly! Wayne, I'm sorry if you read Justin's blog. Also, I am a little loonie ;) but it must be the company I keep.

Loony Liz

Justin said... lady has lost her mind. Oh well. :-/ Most likely my fault. 9P

Anonymous said...

Well, I was referring to the "loony people who read my blog" biz or whatever. :)

Yep, your fault. Don't worry, I don't think I'm much loonier than you... maybe less, in fact! :P

Bye now.

Justin said...

nope, sorry, you are definitley more looney than I.