Thursday, September 30, 2004

Wild Honey

U2 is cool. :) Okay, recap today. Got up and went to campus a bit before 9. Studied in the library for my HCI exam for a couple hours. Liz came by at like 10:20 and chilled for 40 minutes with me, so that was awesome. :) Then went to Geo at 11. Was blahly blah. Came back to the library and studied for another 1 1/2 hours. Then went to HCI at 2. Pretty sure I failed the exam, it was ridiculous. :-/ Oh well, whatever. Life goes on...obladee, obladah! After class ran around town taking care of lots of various errands and such. Got home a bit before 6 and decided to just rest. It's been a long, busy week, I needed some time off. So I watched T.V. with Steve for a bit, then watched Master & Commander. Curt came over and watched it with me and then we all watched the Presidential debate at 9. Bush pretty much ripped Kerry a new hole, I loved it. :H After the debate ended, we finished decorating the basement a little bit. Curt left around 11:20, then I finished watching Master & Commander and now I think I'm going to bed. My goal is to sleep before 12:30. I think it could be a record for this month. Boy do I need it! :D

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