Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Apartment Song

mmm, the Clarks. :) Okay, another quick blog before I pass out. Today was slendid. Got up early and did my Stats HW. Went to campus about 9am and tried to get a ticket for the game on Saturday but couldn't, so went to Deet's to finish my HW. Liz dropped by and hung out for a bit and then we went off to class. OS went pretty well; I have a bunch more McQuain quotes to post when I'm less tired. :) Then went to the library and had a real good quiet time and such. Then went off to Stats class which was okay, then came home and had lunch and did a few things. Then raced off back to campus, met Liz a t 3, studied together a bit, then went to Italian class with her at 4. Started to learn a little Italian because I really need to in order to be on the trip in the spring! So that was fun, then came back home, wasted some time, then went back over to Liz's house at 6:15. We went off to my softball game at 7. It went so well, I had a blast! I played really well, had 3 hits and a walk and made some nice plays at third base, and just had a great time and we won finally! w00t! That was great, then we came back to her house and had dinner with the fam which was awesome, then hung out and did studies for awhile and then ended the night with a "short" convo, which turned into almost an hour and a half affair, lol. :P Oh well, it was great, its so awesome to talk to freely with her. :) Well, I better get to bed, I'm looking forward to my 5 1/2 hours sleep. :-/

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