Monday, September 27, 2004

All In The Groove

...Blues Traveler. Okay, quick wrap up to today because I be tired. :-/ Got up at 8 this morning and was exhausted. But I managed to get out to Sunday school and church and it went well. Then after church The Olivers, an older couple there, had Liz and me over for lunch. That was quite fun and it was nice getting to know them better. :) Then got home around 4 and finished coding my program for the next few hours. Then went to Liz's at 8 and we had dinner, did some homework and had a nice chat. :) Left there at 11, put the finishing touches on my program and submitted it just after midnight. I have a ton of Stats homework to do now, but my head is so tired, I think I'm going to sleep now and look at it with a clear mind in the morning. :)

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