Thursday, September 09, 2004

My Old School

Steely Dan is good. That is all. As far as the day, it was okay, kinda up and down. Went to class at 10 and fought for a parking place but came out on top. :) McQuain was fairly entertaining today. Then between classes had an excellent quiet time and was really pumped about that and in a great mood. Then had Stats and that went well. McGill was back to being funny. He told us some stories today about when he worked in a liquor store in college...quite amusing... Then I came home and was feeling good, but then I ate lunch and my body just shut down. I power-napped for like an hour. Then I wasted another hour doing nothing. Then ran back to campus and did a Chinese study thingy for extra credit at 4. It was actually kinda cool. It was an experiment in learning Chinese symbols. I found it quite interesting and that lasted until about 5:15. Then came back here and found out that Awana was cancelled because of all the rain. So that sucked because I was in a great mood and really excited about doing that tonight. So I had dinner and actually had a great man to man talk with Chris over dinner for a long time. That was really cool getting to know him a bit deeper and sharing myself with him a little. :) Then I decided to not do my homework and instead watch a movie. So me and Chris watched Long Kiss Goodnight and it was pretty cool. Good action and quite entertaining. :) Then I wasted some time, did a little of my homework and then wasted some more time. Blah, I guess I'll sleep now.

Deep Thoughts on the Day:
Well I was very happy, until this evening. Liz backed out of our Bible study breakfast for tommorow and I'm a little bummed. Not so much at the specific instance, but I just hate seeing her maxed out like this all the time. It's just not healthy. :( Oh well...ugh...

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