Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Crash Burn

I'm doing just fine, it's just the name of a fun Blues Traveler song. :P Today was really cool. I was so tired this morning when I got up before 7. Ugh! But I made it to my 8am Geo lab on time, then suffered through 2 hours of staring at rocks. :-/ After that I went to the library and spent about an hour and just had a really, really good quiet time that I needed so badly. That really helped my day out a ton. Then had Geo lecture which was painfully boring. Then peeps lunch and that was a lot of fun with everyone. :) Went to HCI class after that and just flat out fell asleep. It was SO boring. :-/ Oh well. After class, came here and then figured out a bunch of info about going to Europe for spring break. That was really useful, and I feel a lot more informed about that whole deal, so that's great. After that I re-did some of my program and got it working correctly and submitted and stuff. Then Liz came over for dinner around 8:15. We made pancakes, eggs and sausage and it was good. :) We had a really great time chatting and got some things worked out that really needed doing I think. I feel so much better now. :) So that was awesome, she left around 11, and now I need to get to bed, cause I'm exhausted!

Deep Thoughts on the Day:
It's occured to me that I haven't really posted any truely deep thoughts from my life on here in quite a long time. I think tonight is appropriate though. I'm just exploding in happiness after talking with Liz tonight. I'm just gettting so comfortable and peaceful and excited at where we stand together and where we're going. It just really makes me smile. :D I just see God working so much with us and really doing a lot of good in our relationship and its so awesome and excites me. :H :H :H Okay, must settle my heart down now so I can sleep! =P

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