Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Hey Hey What Can I Do

great Led Zeppelin song. :D Well, today was actually quite busy and very productive for once. :) Got up late this morning and went off to class at 10. OS was so boring this morning, it was painful. McQuain wasn't very entertaining. So, after class I went to the library but then Liz called and wanted to have lunch, so we went and ate together at Squires and had a nice chat which was so cool. :) Then I went off to my Stats class. That was totally boring too and McGill was quite unentertaining also. I dunno what the deal was with these blah teachers today...maybe the rain? Oh well. After class I bought a ton of food at Kroger and so did Steve, Chris and Bo. We all did about $50-$70 each in groceries today. We have SO much food now, it's ludicrous, lol. :P After Kroger, I spent the afternoon getting a ton of annoying tasks done. Emailing people about stuff, researching future plans, doing forms and bills, etc, etc. But I got so much done and that was sweet. :) Then I went to Liz's at 7 for dinner. It was her mom's birthday so they grilled up some salmon and some other good grub. It was awesome! So that was a lot of fun and I had some brief, but good convos with the Liz. :) After that I ran off to my softball game at 9. It was cold and drizzly out, and I really didn't want to go, but once I got there and started throwing, I got so excited. I love playing ball, no matter what the weather. So, the game went awesomely! We won 18-11. I had like 4 hits or something and made some nice catches. I was loving it and having a great time. Only bad part was I kinda strained my groin after a catch I made and slipped. :( Ick...oh well. So that was fun, and then I came back here and have been organizing my schedule and homework and projects and stuff. I've verified that it looks like homework for this semster isn't going to be that bad. I'm stoked, it looks like an awesome semester. :-H So that was that, now I'm trying to help Liz with her project for tommorow right quick, before I turn in for the night. :D


Anonymous said...

Just for the record, this great guy (sorry girls) stayed up till two helping me... :) Thanks J!

Justin said...

where's my pie?!! ;-P

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't want it online anyway. :)