Monday, September 06, 2004

I'm Not Alone

great Widespread Panic song, and MAN, what a band. :D I love em! Okay, well today was decent I suppose. Went to Sunday school at the new time of 9:30 and it was pretty sweet with the new guy Gene Zeizel. I like it. Then church at 11 went well and stuff. After church I went home and finished my program and then spent a few hours trying to get my wireless card to work under no avail. :( That was depressing because it was so nice outside. Oh well. Then I got Liz at 7 and we went to the Awana meeting. Apparently, I'm like in charge of the Pioneers boy's group this Wednesday and I have no idea what the heck I'm doing! Hmmm...should be fun. Then went back to Liz's house, had a nice walk and caught the tail end of the nice sunset. Curt then came over to chill and we ate Laura's world-famous omelets and hung out for a bit. Played with some guns, haha. :) Then watched about half of A Knight's Tail before people started keeling over around 12:15, lol. So I left there fairly late, but it was a sweet time. Good stuff and fun way to end the weekend. :P

In honor of this awesome band that I forgot about, but now suddenly remember, I shall close tonight's blog with this cool pic:

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