Saturday, September 04, 2004


some weird Ulu for tonight. Hmm, okay, recap for the day. Spent the morning and early afternoon playing with Mandrake and then wrote my program. Seems to work well, so that's cool to be done with. Then me and Tim played golf at 4. It was so busy on the course, it took us 2 1/2 hours to play nine holes, it was so slow. I played awesome though and shot a 38. Felt great, plus the weather was top-notch, it was so incredible out. :) Got home and it was so nice out. Spent an evening in the backyard with cigars, barbeque and David Gray. Good stuff. :) Then spent an hour fixing Chris' computer which sucked. Then stargazed for a bit; very clear night, and then Tim came over around 10ish and we all watched Shaft. It was a fairly decent movie. I love Samuel L. Jackson. Guess that's all. :)

Deep Thoughts on the Day:
My head is conflicting with itself. I need discipline.

My Main Man of the Day:


Anonymous said...

Don't hurt yourself! Good grief. Talk about headache.

Justin said...

I hate computers with a burning passion...