Thursday, September 09, 2004

High Speed

Coldplay is sick, I love 'em. Hmm, well today was, em, interesting. Tried to get up early, but was in a bad mood so I slept until about 10. Bad idea. Then got up and had to rush to school, but got there in time so that there was no parking anywhere. So I parked in the Cage and speed walked 20 minutes across campus to Torgerson and just barely made it in time for Geology. It was a fairly boring, pointless class today. Then I went to the library and finally did my HCI homework that I put off until the last minute. Then tried to have a quiet time but it sucked cause I was too angry with everything. Then went off to HCI class at 2 and it was so pointless. The TA taught and essentially had us waste an hour doing a pointless questionaire for his research. So I left there angry and then walked 20 minutes back to my car which didn't help. So I decided I'd play some golf to mellow out. Another bad idea. I played so bad and it just made me more ticked off. I shot an 87, the worst I've played in a long time. At least it was quick though...I got 18 holes played in 2 1/2 hours. So I came back home at 6 and had actually mellowed my self out near the end of the round and was starting to get happy again. Got in and had a bill from Townside saying that I owed them $140 because my rent was late. I was like, um BS, I turned it in on time. Apparently I forgot to pay the extra $20 for Shadow, so that makes the whole thing late. So I was seethingly pissed off and then at the moment Liz called me and I was like oh great... But then we talked on the phone for an hour something and that really helped me screw my head back on, thank goodness. So that was cool and then I spent the evening in the basement playing Madden with the roomies. It was a lot of fun and it was good to hang with them, since I feel like I've been neglecting them a bit lately. But now I feel happy again and life is okay. :) So I might as well sleep for lack of anything better to do...

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