Wednesday, September 01, 2004

3am me gay, but I love this song! Classic Matchbox 20. :-D Well, today has been interesting, I guess. Got up early and did some wakeup stuff, then went to the library around 9. Had a really good quiet time and mulled over Romans 3. I liked it. :) After that, I had OS class and that was real good. Then I went to lunch with Liz and some dude who likes/liked her, Forrest. That was interesting and was rather awkward, but turned out okay. So whatever. I need to start lifting again so I can beat up these dudes. :P After that all went down, I went to Stats class and that was uselessly boring, so after that I went off to play golf at VT. Teed off at 2pm. My swing felt great on the front nine, but I sucked at putting. I had 18 putts, that's terrible!! Shot a 42 on the front...a little dissapointing. The back nine was better. I got stuck behind a slow group, but it was okay. shot a 38 on the back and only had 13 putts...much better!! So, overall, shot an 80 and felt really good, so that was shweet! :D So golf took a little over 3 hours to play, so that wasn't too bad. Got home and then was coerced by Bo and Steve to go out to all you can eat wings night at Sharkey's for dinner. So I did that and put down between 30 and 40 wings, hehe!! It was great. Then Curt dropped in when we were about to leave, so Curt and I went over to Champs and hung out for a few hours and had a good time. It was coolness. But now I'm back here and I'll think I'll pass out pronto, lol. =P

Time to create a new section of my blog. This is called McQuain quotes, and will occur every MWF, assuming McQuain had some entertaining quotes in class, which he usually does. The first one on here is actually from Monday, but what the heck. :P

McQuain Quotes Of The Day:

"Using 'void*' is a wretched abomination in the eyes of God, man, and McQuain." -McQuain

"I hope that if you were to call a phthread_join() with the process ID of the process that you're currently in, that the system would simply kill you and put you out of your misery." -McQuain

"Programming in C is for adults only." -McQuain

"IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT, DA**IT!!!...I really, really, really, LOVE the gcc compiler." -McQuain

"What I hate the most is when things that are not supposed to work, work, rather than things that are supposed to work, don't work. It just really twists my mind." -McQuain

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